A bit about James...

G’day, and welcome to my website!

Before we talk business, here’s a little bit about me…

My name is James Braszell, But you can call me Brasz – James is what my parents call me.

In 2013 I started working full time in rural Australia as a Rouseabout, eventually becoming a Shearer. I wasn’t long into my time in the woolsheds when I realised it would be worth getting a camera and capturing the unique scenes I found around me every day. The people, the places, the animals and even the dirt and the dust – there was so much to capture everywhere I went!

And so James Braszell Photography was born…

Years later and my passion for the job has only grown. My photography has taken me all over the country where I have met thousands of great people and I’ve also snapped hundreds of thousands of photos along the way.

After years of focusing my photography on the Woolsheds I worked at, it was time to start taking my business more seriously, and I eventually got back into Weddings, Couples and Family photography – something I only dabbled with years earlier.

So this leaves the question…

Why should you use me as your photographer?

In the years I’ve spent taking photos of people, I’ve learnt that most people don’t like getting photographed.

Especially when it’s with their partner and they’re asked to give them a hug or a kiss in front of the camera – let’s be honest, it can be a bit awkward!

That’s why you want someone who you can trust, relate to, and have a good laugh with to make the whole experience not something you have to endure, but something you will have fun doing!

I pride myself on my sense of humour, and whether I’m doing an engagement photoshoot for a young couple, or photographing kids with Mum and Dad, I’ve found that if everyone’s having a laugh while we do it, the end result is a million times better – a photo is always better when the subjects are comfortable and having fun!

So how far will I travel to come and shoot your photos?

Well, I’m based out of country Victoria, but I’ll go anywhere – I love this awesome country.

Since starting my business I have travelled to every single state and territory in Australia for various photoshoots, but in particular the rural and Outback parts of this great country of ours is what I love the most. From the croc infested rivers of the Territory and North QLD through to the deserts of S.A and the beaches of W.A. I can almost guarantee that if it was worth a visit, me and my camera have probably been there. The people and sights in these remote areas are what I’m familiar with and what I’m most comfortable with shooting.

Having said that, if I feel your wedding or photoshoot is right for me, regardless of what or where it is, I’d love to be a part of it!

So give me a bell today, and let’s create some memories together!

From your (soon to be) new mate,

— Brasz

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